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Please Join Us at One of Four Community Meetings!

Dear Parents and Community Stakeholders,

During the district’s most recent accreditation team visit, it was determined that the district is in need of a strategic plan to clearly outline our next steps for improvement. A strategic plan is intended to guide or map the organization’s leaders, now and in the future, in their decision-making as the district continues to move toward improving in all areas. The community meetings are an initial step in this planning process. These town hall type meetings have been established so that our district’s strategic planning consultant, Dr. Frank Costanzo, may gain input from parents and community members for the development of a long-range strategic plan for our district. Each meeting will follow a prescribed format to which the consultant will adhere to strictly.


The strategic planning community meetings are designed to gather input that will be used by the steering committee in putting the final long-range plan together. The steering committee is made up of teachers, students, community members, board members, and school administrators. The locations have been selected for convenience so that as many as want to attend can do so without having to travel a long distance.


In the initial stages of any long-range strategic planning process for school districts, input is gained from parents and community members to determine areas in which the organization needs to improve. Time is also given to accentuate areas where the organization has been doing well. Without a thorough analysis of the current conditions, it will be difficult to truly develop a plan for the growth and development of our district’s curriculum offerings, curricular programs, and extracurricular programs.


If there are any additional questions or concerns pertaining to the upcoming strategic planning meetings, please do not hesitate to contact the Board of Education at 256-760-1300.  Please see the attached flyer which reflects the dates, times, and locations for the upcoming strategic planning community meetings. Your input and attendance at these meetings will be appreciated.