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2021 Job Fair ATCTC

"What do you plan to do after graduation," or some variation, is a question high school students are often asked. It is a part of the self-discovery of a young person that opportunities to explore, learn, and make decisions are offered. The Lauderdale County School System aims to provide as many academic and extra-curricular opportunities as possible. 


The 2021 Job Fair for Allen Thornton Career and Technical Center students provided a school-to-work opportunity as students consider summer jobs, entry-level jobs, and career-level work.


The Lauderdale County School System is one career and job resource for our students. In addition to the 400 plus certified teachers, the district hires another 600 individuals in a wide variety of career paths, including technology, carpentry, mechanics, bus drivers, CNP staff, custodians, and more. 


Check out our current job offerings at any time on the district website at, and select the Human Resource department.


Job Fair


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