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School Library Month

Lauderdale County Schools celebrate our school librarians/media specialists--they are dedicated, highly-trained professionals, who love their students and have a passion for books, technology, and ideas.


Let's give these professionals a high-five!

1.       Brooks Elementary 

Trisha Mathis, Library Media Specialist

Gail Call, Library Paraprofessional

2.       Brooks High

Debbie Whitehead, Library Media Specialist

3.       Central School

Rena Cannon, Central Elementary Librarian

Melanie Williams, Central Elementary Paraprofessional

Suzanne Mothershed, Central High School Librarian

 4.       LCHS

Kimberly Jones, High School Librarian

Vicky Franks, Elementary Librarian

 5.       Lexington

Kim Gray, Librarian

 6.       Rogers

Tabitha Collier, Elementary Librarian

Lyndsey Davis, High School Librarian

 7.       Underwood Elementary

Russ White, Librarian

 8.       Waterloo

 Leigh-Ann May, Library Media Specialist

 9.       Wilson

Mary Leigh Burns, Elementary Librarian

Dr. Stephanie G. Smith, High School Library Medial Specialist