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LCSS Employee Flu Vaccine

PEEHIP Employee Wellness Clinic

The Alabama Department of Public Health will offer a free wellness screening and flu vaccine to employees on campus during the month of September and October.


The wellness screening is a requirement for employees and spouses covered under PEEHIP Blue Cross and Blue Shield Insurance in order to avoid a monthly increase in insurance premiums.  


This year employees will need to sign up online to set up their wellness appointment.  Employees may also schedule wellness screening with their physician or sign up online at the Health Department. 

Any staff member who only wants to participate in receiving a flu shot does not need to make an appointment.

Click here for directions on scheduling an appointment on the PEEHIP Online Calendar.


If employees have difficulty signing up online for an appointment time please contact Myranda Barrett, RN, Wellness, Alabama Department of Public Health at 256-765-7513 or Lillian Clayton at 256-764-7453.

The flu vaccine is available but not a requirement of the wellness screening. The flu shot employee consent form is a carbon copy and must be completed at the time of the wellness screening. 


The ADPH PEEHIP Wellness Clinic offers flu vaccines for employees with PEEHIP Blue Cross and Blue Shield Insurance.


Click here for an LCSS Wellness Fall School Schedule to participate in the PEEHIP Wellness Clinic vaccination program.


Click here for a CDC Flu Vaccine Information Sheet.


NOTE: Please note the wellness screenings and activities for the plan year 2020-2021 (plan year begins October 1, 2020) were waived by PEEHIP. These upcoming wellness screenings are for the 2021-2022 plan year, as of now, those have not been waived.  IN ORDER TO AVOID AN INCREASE IN PREMIUM FOR THE 2021-2022 PLAN YEAR (beginning October 1, 2021) YOU (and covered spouse if applicable) MUST PARTICIPATE IN THE UPCOMING PEEHIP WELLNESS SCREENINGS. The deadline to complete wellness screenings for the 2021-2022 plan year is August 31, 2021.   

Click here for information regarding PEEHIP Wellness and Flu Shots.

Click here for more general wellness information through PEEHIP.