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WiFi To Go: Support LCSS

WiFi On The Go

 WiFi On The Go2

Lauderdale County Schools appreciates your interest in the District's WiFi on the Go program. Your donation will enable the District to invest additional resources into 21st century learning environments, and new and innovative initiatives for the benefit of our students.


The Wifi on the Go Program is available to student families and employees of the District, and provides participants with unlimited nationwide wireless internet (serviced by T-Mobile's 4G LTE Network) and a wireless broadband HotSpot device. The Wifi HotSpot is fast, battery powered and completely portable. It's also powerful enough to support multiple users at one time. Use it at home, in the car (unless you're the driver), on vacation, at the ballpark, or anywhere else that T-Mobile's service is available. And there are no extra charges and no contract.


So, how do I get it?

Simply complete out the form on the LeanStream website, donate $50.00 to Lauderdale County Schools through the Donate Now button (secure PayPal link), and a Wifi HotSpot device will be shipped directly to you--activated and ready for use. The Wifi HotSpot device will remain active as long as you continue donating $50.00 per month.


So, what else do I need to know?

Participation in the 'Wifi on the Go' program requires recurring periodic (monthly) donations via PayPal. In order to enroll, you will need an active PayPal account.


Participation in the 'Wifi on the Go' program is limited to student families and employees of participating school districts. In order enroll in the Program, you will need to have your valid student or employee ID handy. Don't know your student/employee ID? We may be able to help. Email us at


Once you are enrolled, your Wifi Hotspot will ship direct to you via USPS and should arrive within a few days.


The internet service provided thorough the Program is sourced by T-Mobile’s nationwide cellular network*.  If you do not have adequate cellular coverage at your intended location of use, performance of your wireless HotSpot may be limited.  We encourage you to check T-Mobile’s coverage in your area (which you can do HERE) before enrolling.


*Wifi on the Go data use is subject to T-Mobile's Open Internet policies: