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Lauderdale 2020 Scholars Bowl Winners

Congratulations to the Lauderdale County 2020 Scholars Bowl winners!


1. Brooks High School  2. Lexington High School  3. Wilson High School

 BHS Scholars bowl team  LHS Scholars Bowl Team  Wilson High Scholars Bowl Team

Individual HS Highest Scores:

First Place: Madison Cagle   Second Place Tie: James Howard & Brodie Prince

Madison Cagle and Mr. Hatton  Mr Hatton with James Howard and Brodie Prince


JV Level 1 Winners:

1. Wilson High School  2. Brooks HighSchool  3. Lauderdale County HS 

Wilson JV Level 1 First Place  Brooks JV level one second place  LCHS JV Level 1 third place

JV level II

1. Brooks Elem.  2. Wilson  3. Waterloo

Brooks E  JV Level 2 Scholars Bowl Team First Place Wilson Scholars Bowl Team  JV Level 2 second place Waterloo Scholars Bowl Team JV Level 3 second place

Elementary Scholars Bowl Winners:

1. Brooks Elementary  2. Lauderdale County  3.  Underwood Elementary

Brooks Elementary Scholars Bowl Team First Place  LCHS Scholars Bowl Team Second Place  Underwood Scholars Bowl Team 3rd Place