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How to Schedule an Appointment on the Peehip Online Calendar

  • Go to website:
  • Go to dropdown list of counties: select your county, then click on the filter tab
  • If you know the date of your school clinic, please type in the date of your school clinic in the “Date
  • From and Date To” – this will ensure that the calendar will only pull up for your county and for
    that particular date.
  • If you only select the desired county from the dropdown list and click “Search for Events”, then it
    will pull up all clinics for desired county for current month
  • When you see your desired clinic location, click on “Schedule an Appointment” tab.
  • You will see listing of times available – if you see a green checkmark, then appointments are
    available for this time slot. Under “Available Openings” you will see how many appointment slots
    are available for that time slot.
  • If you see a red checkmark – that means that all appointments for that time slot are full.
  • Please put in your personal data to schedule the appointment.
  • It is always best to send yourself appointment confirmation by either email or text.


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