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LCVA Named School of Excellence 2023-2024

"We congratulate our students and teachers on the outstanding achievements of this school year," said Jeff Burbank, Lauderdale County VIrtual Academy Principal. "The consistent and diligent work of our students in completing their assignments timely and with high-quality work moves learning forward each day for the students in the LCVA," he said. "By offering a virtual learning option, Lauderdale County students continue their academic progress when home and family concerns present a distinct need."

Burbank also commended the teachers in the LCVA. "Dedication to students' well-being and academic progress shows that teachers are vital to the overall academic success and personal growth for students," he said. "Our teachers make a positive and personal impact on every student every day."

LCVA teachers include: Joan Banks, Matt Fulmer, Alisha Lauderdale, Jennifer Staggs, and Michael Burkett. The administrators are Jeff Burbank, principal, and Jonathan Hatton, director. 

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