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Critical Race Theory and the Lauderdale County Board of Education

Monday, July 5, 2021


From the Office of the Lauderdale County Superintendent, Jerry Hill:


A response regarding Critical Race Theory and any other curriculum changes in our school system. 


In Lauderdale county, there have been no discussions on this matter. Not sure how it all of a sudden became an issue in our system because no one has called or met with the superintendent to “ask.”


In conjunction with the Governor's office and the state board of education, the Lauderdale County Board and Superintendent state that there are no plans to implement any curriculum changes in our school system related to Critical Race Theory. 


We, like you, want the best for our students and will continue to lobby our state leaders to use caution when considering any changes to our curriculum. 


It is our position that we are systematically opposed to any curricular subject content that has not been thoroughly vetted or does not follow state-approved guidelines. 


We are committed to staying on top of any changes that will affect our students. 


We appreciate your interest and welcome community involvement.


We want to encourage you to take up this matter with the state board of education and the state legislature. The next state board meeting is scheduled for August 12, in Montgomery. 


Monday, July 5, 2021

Click here to download or print a copy of Mr. Hill's Response.