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Welcome Letter from Principal

I am honored and humbled to have the opportunity to serve in my position as Career Technical Director for Lauderdale County Schools and principal of Allen Thornton Career Tech Center. I have always had a passion for career technical education and recognize the tremendous importance of providing a skilled workforce to help meet business and industry needs.

We are currently serving approximately 600 students on the ATCTC campus who travel from all seven of the high schools in the Lauderdale County School System. In addition to the 12 CTE programs housed on the ATCTC campus, we have 23 programs across the county who are helping to develop highly skilled and trained workers for careers and/or higher education who complete our programs with nationally-recognized business and industry credentials.You are invited and welcomed to visit us at Allen Thornton! Many opportunities are provided throughout the school year for prospective students and parents to visit the campus. However, never hesitate to contact me at 256-757-2101 or by email at should you have questions in regard to our programs and/or classes.


Kelley Joiner