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LCHS Students Simulate Ellis Island Experience


LCHS Students Simulate Ellis Island Experience

On September 27, 5th graders in Mrs Haygood's class at Lauderdale County High School participated in an Ellis Island Simulation, conducted by 11th graders in Mrs. Reding's US History class. The event was the culmination of many weeks of study for both the 5th and 11th grade history classes. Students learned about the immigrant experience and participated in a reenactment of being processed thru Ellis Island. Even Lady Liberty made an appearance! It was an exciting day for all involved.

LCHS 11th Graders Dressed as Statue of Liberty

11th Graders Conduct Mock Medical Exams for 5th Graders in Ellis Island Simulation

LCHS 5th Graders Stand in Front of Welcome to America sign hung for Ellis Island Simulation

11th graders lead 5th graders across campus to Ellis Island Simulation