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Scholar Bowl

Sixth grade students in each Lauderdale County school are given the opportunity to try out for the 6th grade Scholar Bowl team at their school. Tryouts include a series of quizzes on core curricula, current events, and trivia. Students are also asked to compete against each other to determine those with the fastest and accurate response times.

Usually, the eight students with the highest scores from the tryouts are invited to be on their school’s team.

Students and sponsors practice in preparation for the county competition held each spring. The teams meet to compete at a central location and compete against each other. The first meet is a practice meet to allow students to become familiar with the competition rules. Two meets are then held in which scores are tallied from each round of play. The team with the highest total score is named the overall winner. Trophies are awarded to the first, second, and third place teams. In addition, each student is awarded an individual trophy for participating.

Tryouts for Brooks Elementary usually begin in late September with final team selection in November. The team practices with the sponsor after school twice a week. Practices usually last an hour and a half. Practice involves the use of paper, pencils, and buzzers to simulate the competition atmosphere. Brooks Elementary teams are always very competitive during competition as a result of their hard work and dedication to excellence.

Usually during the year, the students, their families, and the sponsor plan after school activities such as movies, dinner, bowling, etc. to reward their hard work. These outings also encourage a fun atmosphere and team spirit.