Connie Karthaus, Elementary Curriculum Director
    Patricia Clemmons, Secretary

    The office of elementary curriculum handles the following learning areas:

    • Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative (AMSTI)
    • Early Learning Labs
    • Elementary Curriculum, K-6
    • Elementary Scholars Bowl
    • Elementary Art & Music
    • Pre-K
    • Pupil Support Team, K-6
    • Response to Instruction, K-6
    • School Improvement
    • Title I
    • Alabama Reading Initiative (ARI) prior to 2020 adoption


    The Alabama Literacy Act, Phase I, published in June 2020, outlines Alabama's journey to reading success for our children. The main purpose of the act is to ensure that children learn to read by the end of their third grade.

    Click here to access and read the Alabama Literacy Act Implementation Guide.


    Elementary School Parent Helps

    Click here for links to Elementary Virtual School Parent Help Resources (download first to enable the links).

    For more information about Elementary Education, please call 256-760-1335.


    Dr. Les Abston, Secondary Curriculum Director
    Rhonda Barnett, Secretary

    The office of secondary curriculum handles the following learning areas:

    • Alabama Penman
    • AP Grant and funds
    • Board PD funds
    • Inservice
    • Lee vs. Macon/Disproportionality Training
    • Library Media Services
    • LIFE Academy
    • New Teacher Orientation/Mentoring Program
    • PLUs
    • Professional Development
    • PST and RtI
    • Scholars Bowl
    • School Improvement
    • Secondary Curriculum 7-12
    • STI Professional Development Website Manager
    • Summer School
    • Teacher of the Year
    • Teacher Recertification
    • Title II
    • TRAC Credit Recovery Program


    For more information about any of the Secondary Education programs, please call 256-760-1335.