• Technology Services

    The Lauderdale County School System believes that the proper use of technology can enhance and strengthen the learning experience of our students. Our teachers understand that technology is a tool that in their toolbox, but it will never replace the special work of a dedicated, caring, and competent teacher.

    We have a team of six knowledgeable professionals who work to keep the technology systems integrated, seamlessly creating technology-rich lessons and student experiences.

    LCSS’s STEP Initiative puts Chromebooks into the hands of all 7-12 grade students. During the COVID-19 pandemic, federal and state grants have allocated additional resources to expand the one-to-one device initiative for our PreK-6 students.

    In the fall of 2020, we launched the LC Virtual School, offering a complete virtual educational experience for upwards of 1700 registered LCSS students. Committing to a one-semester virtual school experience, students and staff have launched on a new learning journey.

    The Lauderdale County School System is committed to ensuring the security, privacy, and integrity of student and staff information.

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  • John Alley
    Director, Technology
    Office: 256-760-1307


    Rhonda Barnett
    Technology Secretary

    Tim Vick
    Technology Integration

    Scott Ezell
    Network Specialist

    John Jones
    Computer Technician

    Craig Wallace
    Computer Technician

    Andrew Woods
    Network Specialist