• Maintenance

    The Maintenance Department is supervised by Mr. Mark Waddell. Mr. Waddell supervises all facilities and maintenance staff including custodians, technical, groundskeepers, and other staff. Works and coordinates system contracts with external vendors and contractors.

    LCSS Maintenance Department is charged with managing the day-to-day activities to keep the system's equipment running smoothly as well as providing system-wide cleaning, repairs, and the replacement of parts and machinery in the schools. Areas of strategic responsibility include:

    • Manage and coordinate the use and distribution of equipment and supplies to provide a healthy, safe environment for students and staff
    • Plan and coordinate all system installations (construction, HVAC, plumbing, electrical) and refurbishments
    • Schedule and implement routine building inspections determining repair or renovation needs
    • Gather utility data for minimizing system costs and maximizing efficiency
    • Maintain and control facility activities security
    • Coordinate and manage service contracts
    • Compile and retain financial and other systems records
    • Perform data analysis to forecast future needs and system use


  • Mark Waddell

    Director, Maintenance


    256-760-1300  Ext. 10012