• This year is Underwood Elementary's first year to have a robotics team. This team consists of 8 students who were carefully selected. The team name is "Live-Wire Micro-chips." The sponsors are 6th grade teachers, Mollie Hetrick and Mitzi Brooks. The Live Wire Micro-chips plan to compete in a qualifier meet on December 1st, 2018. This year's competition is space themed. The team took a trip to visit the Huntsville Space and Rocket Center where they learned more about this year's theme.

    Good luck guys!! 


    Enjoy the following pictures of our team working hard, learning,  and having fun.

    Four students sitting at a table cutting out shapes to create a paper rocket.    Two students talk look at pictures shown by an astronaut at the Space and Rocket Center  Captain Brad Holmes from the Florence Police Department explains to students how they use robots in their profession. Three students working at robotics table, using legos to build models.  Two students working on computer.  Eight students posing in front of Space and Rocket Center

    Four students pose in front of a Mars display at the Space and Rocket Center  Students listening to Sergeant Robbie Howard about how Florence Police use robots