• Mr. Tim Tubbs

    Assistant Superintendent of Business Operations

    Mr. Tubbs is Assistant Superintendent of Business Operations and has served this system throughout his career. A product of Lauderdale County schools, Mr. Tubbs is at home here and as an educational leader focuses on moving student learning forward while keeping school facilities operating efficiently and effectively. Mr. Tubbs also oversees human resources, strategic planning, capital projects, and more.


    • Human Resources
    • Employee On-Boarding
    • Capital Plan
    • Capital Projects
    • Career Tech Expenditures
    • General Expenditures
    • General Travel Reimbursements
    • Classroom Foundation Funds
    • Legal Issues
    • Principal Evaluations
    • Classified Evaluations
    • Board Policy
    • Employee Handbook
    • Employee Work Schedules
    • AESOP/Veritime/Absence Time Management
    • County Commission
    • Fleet Management
    • Facilities Management
    • School Calendar
    • Student Disciplinary Matters/Hearings
    • Substitute Teachers
    • Strategic Plan
    • Other Duties as Assigned
Mr. Tim Tubbs