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Education Services


Lauderdale County Schools
Welcome to Secondary Curriculum

Les Abston, Secondary Curriculum Director

Rhonda Barnett, Secretary

This office handles the following:

  • Alabama Penman
  • AP Grant and funds
  • Board PD funds
  • Inservice
  • Lee vs. Macon/Disproportionality Training
  • Library Media Services
  • LIFE Academy
  • New Teacher Orientation/Mentoring Program
  • PLUs
  • Professional Development
  • PST and RtI
  • Scholars Bowl
  • School Improvement
  • Secondary Curriculum 7-12
  • STI Professional Development Website Manager
  • Summer School
  • Sweet Inspirations Literary Magazine
  • Teacher of the Year
  • Teacher Recertification
  • Title II
  • TRAC Credit Recovery Program


Amy Jones, Elementary Curriculum Supervisor

Linda Barnett, Assistant

This office handles the following:

  • Alabama Reading Initiative (ARI)
  • Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative (AMSTI)
  • Early Learning Labs
  • Elementary Curriculum, K-6
  • Elementary Scholars Bowl
  • Elementary Art & Music
  • Pre-K
  • Pupil Support Team, K-6
  • Response to Instruction, K-6
  • School Improvement
  • Title I

For information, please contact our office at 760-1335.