• What is Title I?

    Being a Title I school means receiving federal funding (Title I dollars) to supplement the school’s existing programs. These dollars are used for…
    –Identifying students experiencing academic difficulties and providing timely assistance to help these students meet the State’s challenging content standards.
    –Purchasing supplemental staff/programs/materials/supplies
    –Conducting parent and family engagement meetings/trainings/activities
    Being a Title I school also means parent and family involvement and knowing their rights under ESSA.

    How does our school receive Title I money?

    First, the federal government provides funding to each state. Then, state educational agencies send this money to school districts. How much money each school receives is determined by the number of low-income students (those who receive free/reduced lunches) attending that school.

    What schools does Title I serve?

    The program serves children in elementary and secondary schools who have demonstrated that extra assistance is needed. The following schools are served as school wide Title I schools: Waterloo High School, Wilson High School, Central High School, Rogers High School, Underwood, Elementary School, Lauderdale County High School, Brooks Elementary School, and Lexington High School. 

    What do Title I programs offer?

    Title I programs generally offer the following:

    • additional teachers and/or teachers’ aides
    • extra time for teaching students the skills they need
    • additional teaching and learning materials which supplement students' regular instruction
    • professional development for teachers
    • parental involvement activities and materials 


    Why is parental involvement important?

    Parents, you can greatly influence the success of your child(ren) in school. By becoming an active participant in parental involvement at your school, you will 

    • serve as a role model- showing your child you support his/her education.
    • be aware of your child's educational progress, thereby demonstrating how important that progress is to you.
    • teach your child that your input at the school is appreciated and that you support your school's efforts.

     Lauderdale County Schools Parent and Family Engagement policy.