Orientation is designed to ensure students have the skills necessary for proper placement and the knowledge of what to expect from their new school environment. Parents/guardians are required to attend the orientation together with their students to gain an understanding of the school policies and other important information.

    To maintain continuous enrollment at LC Virtual Academy, a student must :

    • Must have high-speed internet, not provided LCSS
    • Have an available learning coach to monitor & assist students.
    • Both parent/guardian and student must attend Orientation.
    • Students must maintain successful academic progress and passing averages.
      • Grades 7-12 must earn grades of 60 (D) or higher in each course.
    • Earn sufficient credits to be promoted to the next grade level and graduate in 4 years or less.
    • Maintain consistent weekly pacing in every class to meet all deadlines and attendance expectations
    • Must attend & participate in LIVE instruction/meeting (student) when planned or requested.
    • Communicate consistently and successfully with teachers.
      • Parents agree to meet with the teacher as needed.
    • Participate in all state and local standardized testing. Testing will take place in person. Parents will be notified of testing dates and locations in advance.
    • Students/Guardians should communicate consistently and successfully with teachers.
      • Via email 98% of the time
      • Guardians should check email once a week (minimum) AND respond.
      • Students (7-12) should check email every day and respond within 36 hours AND respond.
    • Honor all rules and procedures established by LC Virtual Academy and Lauderdale County School System for student conduct, academic integrity, and netiquette.

    Enrollment is not guaranteed. LCVA will evaluate every student’s enrollment status at the end of each grading period (9-week). Students who fail to meet the requirements listed above will be expelled from the LC Virtual Academy and sent back to their registered school. Out of district students are subject to expulsion from the district.