Students will be evaluated by district staff to determine if the student has met all of the admission requirements and will make the final admission decision. Once a decision has been made, the parent/guardian will be notified.

    Prospective students seeking enrollment in grades 7-12 must meet the following requirements to be enrolled:

    • Must have been present in school 90% of the time for the previous school year and the first part of the current school year (if applying after the 1st day of school). If absent for more than 18 days, the student will not be eligible. Full-year attendance must be documented to prove attendance. Prospective students who have extenuating circumstances regarding the missed time may submit to the LCVA administrator for review.
    • Academic success is demonstrated on their transcript, in their cohort year, and on track to graduate.
      • 9-12 Students: Cannot have any failing grades in the current academic school year (on report card) or have failed more than two courses previously. Must have appropriate grade level credits and be on track to graduate on time.
      • 7-8 Students: Cannot have failed any subjects previously or have failing grades for any grading period during the current academic year (on report card).
      • Homeschooled students must submit a transcript with credits meeting the above qualifications from a homeschool organization. All homeschool transcripts that have high school credits posted to them must be reviewed.
    • Students are in good standing with attendance & discipline.
    • Students must have participated in all State and District mandated tests in the previous academic year.
    • Students that have been expelled or suspended from their previous school will need to be approved by an LCVA administrator.