• Child Find in Alabama is used to identify all children who may be eligible for services and referring children to Alabama's Early Intervention System through the Alabama Department of Public Health. This step is important in providing families with the guidance and support to meet their children's needs.

    The three steps in the Child Find process are:

    1. Identification -- children are identified by parents or other individuals within the community

    2. Referral -- making a referral to the Alabama Early Intervention System is as simple as making a telephone call

    3. Processing a referral -- this step matches a child's needs with available resources

    For more information, parents may contact the Alabama Early Invention Office, Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services/Alabama Department of Public Health, 1-800-441-7607 or www.rehab.state.al.us.

    Click here for a Child Find Referral Form.

    Click here for information from the Alabama Early Intervention System.

    Child Find