The Lauderdale County School System Transportation Department is supervised by Mr. Kevin Creekmore. Mr. Creekmore has more than 26 years of experience in the Lauderdale County School System and has been the transportation supervisor for the last four.

    Transportation oversees five bus mechanics, one parts department manager, and a shop foreman. Each day, we have 84 buses. 4,000 students are transported daily to and from school on 89 routes. This department also sees that school bus drivers continue receiving training throughout the year by conducting two in-service sessions and recertification procedures. Training is provided by qualified personnel. Road conditions are constantly checked to provide a safe trip for students.

    LCSS transportation department transports 4,000 students daily to and from school on 68 general education routes. LCSS buses travel more than 100,000 miles annually in the home to school routes, with an additional 5,500 miles drive for extracurricular activities including field trips. There are 21,260 logged miles for all athletic travel. Of the 4,000 students transported each day, 60 of those students are preschool for whom there are special guidelines for transporting.


    For more information or to address a complaint, send your comments to: info@lcschools.org.

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