• The Lauderdale County School System follows the STEP initiative in technology learning systems for our students. STEP stands for Student Technology Engagement Plan, and it is designed to bring the academic power of the internet to our students' fingertips.


    The STEP program began with all eighth-grade students in the system, but it has grown so that all students in grades seven through 12 have full-time use of a school-supplied Dell Chromebook. Students receive the device at the beginning of school and are allowed to take it home with them throughout the school year. At the end of the year, each device is turned back in and stored over the summer.


    The system uses a simple insurance program to deal with device breakage. Students pay a yearly technology fee of $50 for unlimited use of the device during the school year. While elementary students do not yet have access to their own device, each school's libraries have iPads and Chromebooks that can be used for either whole- or small-group instruction.


    With COVID-19 abatement, more technology is in the hands of all students at all grade levels.