“Pathway to Excellence”


    Brooks High School will maintain a rigorous 21stCentury curriculum that keeps pace with the needs of society. The curriculum will be challenging based upon a core standard of knowledge, and promote higher order thinking and learning skills. Students will develop the ability to apply knowledge and make appropriate decisions.

    Brooks High School will continuously strive to meet the physical, social, creative and cognitive requirements of each child and promote responsible citizenship.

    Brooks High School will measure and assess all aspects of the school: educational programs, instruction, student performance, financial management, community relations, employee relations, and facility utilization for continuous improvement and accountability

    Brooks High School will provide for all students an opportunity for an education of the highest quality in which their learning styles are appreciated and their diversity is valued. The district will encourage students to value education and recognize their responsibility as active learners.

    Brooks High School will encourage and foster a safe atmosphere which values individual excellence and mutual respect. The school will actively support cooperation and collaboration among highly committed faculty, staff, administration, students, parents and community stakeholders.

    Brooks High School will encourage and provide opportunities for open two –way communication between all stakeholders.

    Brooks High School will build the capacity of the district education leadership through frequent professional development, mentorship, support and accountability. The district recognizes that increased leadership capacity over time is the most productive manner to bring about sustainable improvement.

    Brooks High School will actively partner with community groups, including local governments, businesses and civic organizations to provide resources and facilities to ensure all students receive quality education.

    Brooks High School will maintain a commitment to continual improvement and accountability in all areas of education.



    Brooks High School's primary focus is to provide an atmosphere that promotes optimal learning. By emphasizing essential skills, presenting academic challenges and providing various enrichment experiences, we strive to prepare our students to become life-long learners who are knowledgeable and contributing citizens in our ever-changing and diverse global society.


    The first Killen school was built in 1908 on what is now Jones Avenue and was moved to the present site of Brooks Elementary School in 1935.

    The tradition of Brooks High School began with the 1968-1969 school year. At the beginning of that first school year, Brooks had an enrollment of 325 students in grades seven through ten. The school has grown to its current size of 780 students in grades seven through twelve. The tradition remains the same. Academic excellence, the desire to win, and the pride in our school and community have endured the test of time.

    ~Taken from Killen Time Yearbook