• EL - English Language Learners

    An English Learner (EL) program assists students whose first language at home is not English. Students are assisted in language development. According to the latest census figures, there are 9,779,766 – one of every six children of school age – who speak a language other than English at home. These children, known as language-minority children, are the fastest-growing segment of our school-age population. Language-minority children speak virtually all of the world’s languages plus more than a hundred which are indigenous to the United States. Almost half of all language-minority students (or 4,747,763) do not yet have sufficient proficiency in English to be able to succeed academically in traditional all-English-medium classrooms. These students are known as limited English proficient (LEP) or English Learners (EL).

    Should you have any specific questions concerning the Lauderdale County EL program, please contact Amanda Glasscock at 256-760-1300, or John Mansell at 256-760-4025.