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Varsity Team

Pamela Adams

Becca Belue

Brenna Birdwell

Tori Grimmett

Carzie Joiner

Carson Legg

Haley Lewis

Cheyanne Taylor

Destiny Taylor

Meredith Waddell

Hannah White

JV Team

Lily Burchell

Megan Childress

Georgia Dabbs

Gracie Haraway

Halley Miller

Katie Parker

Savannah Patterson

Katie Trousdale

2016 Volleyball Schedule

August 25at RogersJr High, JV, Varsity4:00, 5:00, 6:00
August 27at West Morgan Invitational TournamentVarsityTBA
August 30vs Central at HOME7th, 8th, JV, Varsity4:00, 4:45
September 1at ClementsJr High, JV, Varsity4:00, 4:45, 5:30
September 6at Wilson for TriMatch (with Florence)Jr High, JV, Varsity4:00, 4:45
September 8vs Rogers at HOMEJr High, JV, Varsity4:00, 4:45, 5:30
September 10at West Morgan Invitational TournamentJVTBA
September 10at Elkmont Invitational TournamentJr HighTBA
September 12vs Waterloo & West Limestone at HOMEVarsity, JV4:00, 4:45, 5:30
September 13at BrooksJV, Varsity4:00, 4:45
September 19 at Colbert County for TriMatch with CherokeeVarsity3:30, 4:30
September 19vs West Limestone at HOME7th, 8th 4:00, 4:45
September 20vs Colbert County at HOME7th, 8th, JV, Varsity4:00, 4:45
September 22vs Lexington at HOME7th, 8th, Varsity4:00, 5:00, 6:00
September 24at BrooksVarsityTBA
September 27at BrooksJr HighTBA
September 29at FlorenceJV, Varsity4:00, 5:30
October 1County Tournament at HOMEJr High, JVTBA
October 3at Lexington for TriMatch with Colbert HeightsVarsity4:00, 5:00
October 6at East LawrenceVarsity4:30
October 8County Tournament at HOMEVarsityTBA
October 13at Central for TriMatch with FlorenceVarsity4:00, 5:00
October 17at Area Tournament (TBA)VarsityTBA