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Alabama Department of Public Health will offer a free wellness screening and flu vaccine to employees during the month of October and November. The wellness screening is a requirement for employees and spouses covered under PEEHIP Blue Cross and Blue Shield Insurance in order to avoid an increase in insurance premiums. The school nurse will have sign-up sheets available at each school site. (Flu vaccine is available but not a requirement of the wellness screening.)

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HNH Health Hero Immunizations will offer the Flu Shot to students in grades Pre K-12 with private insurance, Medicaid, Allkids or for students without health insurance (the exception is PEEHIP Blue Cross Blue Shield). This is a voluntary school vaccination program and permission forms will be sent home with students beginning August 28, 2017 and must be returned to the school nurse by September 1, 2017. The date for this vaccination program is September 11, 2017 for all schools. . (The Flu Mist will not be available this year due to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations.)

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