Friday, May 06, 2016

Health Links
"Body and Mind" by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Topics include Diseases, Food and Nutrition, Physical Activity, Your Safety, Your Life, and Your Body

"Infection Detection Protection" by American Museum of Natural History
Topics include Microbes, Flu, and Bacteria
Choose My Plate

Fizzy's Lunch Lab

Kid's Health
Topics include: Dealing with Feelings, Staying Healthy, Everyday Illnesses and Injuries, My Body, Growing Up, People that Help Me, Being Safe, Emergencies, First Aid, and Kid's Health Problems
Holiday Links
The First Thanksgiving

Veterans' Day for K-5

Reading and Language Links
Aesop's Fables

BBC Schools

Book Pals
Famous Actors read stories to children.
Brainpop- English

Compare and Contrast

Daily Grammar

EduPlace- Power Proofreading

Flash Quizzes for English Study

Fun School

Glencoe Writes Choice- Grades 6-12

Harcourt School Publishers- grammar

Harcourt- Go for Grammar Gold

ICT Literacy Games

Language Arts/Grammar Powerpoints

Learning Planet- ABC Order

Learning Vocabulary Can be Fun

Live and Learn Colors Game

MacMillan McGraw- Hill's Treasures Reading and Language Program

Main Idea by Harcourt

Make a Stapleless Book

Phonics and Word Study Center

Proofreading- Grade 2

Proofreading- grade 3

Proofreading- Grade 4

Proofreading- Grade 5

Proofreading- Grade 6

Read Write Think

Reading is Fundamental



There's a Fly in My Alphabet Soup Game

Wacky Tales

Word Wizard

Science Links
"Energy Quest" by the California Energy Commission

Videos, Facts, Activities, Puzzles, and Games

"Periodic Table of Elements"

Animal Bytes by Sea World/Busch Gardens
Make sure you listen to the animal sounds page.
Animals by National Zoo in Washington D.C.

Black Holes Interactive Site
upper grades
Body Systems

BrainPop- Science

Bucket Buddies

Children's Musuem of Indianapolis
K-8 activities and games on subjects such as trains, dinosaurs, space, biotechnology, and bones
Earthquakes for Kids

Wildlife, nature, environment, science
Ecosystems and Biomes by Missouri Botanicals Gardens


Weather, Simple Machines, Medical simulations 

EEK! Environmental Education for Kids

Enchanted Learning

Energy Quest

Estuary Live- Electronic Field Trips
Estuary Basics, Reptiles, Weather, Sharks, Turtles, Dolphins, Shellfish, Rachel Carson, etc.
Exploratorium Hands-On Activities

FEMA for Kids
Disaster information and games
Food Chain

Gamequarium- Science

Glencoe Science Resources

Interactive Periodic Table

Journey North

Kid's Planet- Wildlife

Lawrence Hall of Science
Science games and activities  for a variety of science topics
Lightning and Thunder Interactive

MacGraw-Hill Science

Macmillan McGraw-Hill Science Resources

Name That Bug Game -Orkin

NASA for Kids

Open Wide and Trek Inside- Dental Health

Pest World


Schools Online

Science News for Kids

Science- Reading Comprehension

Stars and Space from StarDate

Strange Matter
Find out what everyday items are made of and how they can be changed.
The Green Squad
Healthy environments
Try Science

Videos- Science

Water Life Games

Weather Wiz kids

WISE- Web based science inquiry- Free

Social Studies Links
Abraham Lincoln's Classroom

Ag in the Classroom

Alabama Archives Webpage for Kids

All About Alabama

Amazon Interactive

America's Story by the Library of Congress

Annals of American History

Ben's Guide to U.s Government for Kids

Brainpop- Social Studies

Coins Around the World

Colonial Williamsburg Kids Zone


Enchanted Learning

Eyewitness to History

First Ladies of the United States

Geo Spy
Identify countries, continents, states, and provinces in this interactive game.
Go West Across America with Lewis and Clark

Harvest of History - 1845 Agricultural Village
After viewing farmlife in 1845 New York, students can easily make their own video using the clips and images.
History Matters

Hyper History

You are the captain of Jamestown Colony. Make good decisions as you lead the colonists.
Library of Congress- American Memory

MapStats for Kids
Concepts about maps and statistics
Monticello Tour

National Geographic Activities


National Geographic Kids

Our Story in History

Interactive site for Building a Sod House, Buffalo Hide Painting, and Being a Historian

Paper Money Around the World

Presidents of the United States

Super Kids- History

The Renaissance Connection
Interactive site for grades 5-8
The Underground Railroad

The World of Benjamin Franklin

Time for Kids -Online Magazine

U.S. Mint for Kids

Activities using money



Many projects for classrooms and an interactive geography game.

Growing With Technology

I Keep Safe with McGruff and Faux Paw
Choose watch the movie or read the book on the left side of the screen.
Internet Safety with NetSmartz

License for Internet Safety by PBS

Power to Learn

Interactive Site with lessons on Social Networking, Cyberbullying, Misinformation, Fair Use, Keeping Personal Information Private, and Music Downloading

Sense Lang Typing

Square of Life Project
Students investigate their environment and share the information with other students.
Super Kids- Technology

Using the Web
Learning, Searching, and Evaluating the Web
Web Basics URL Review;Spreadsheets;Editing a Paragraph

Webquest Collection

Welcome to the Web
Lessons include Internet, Guestbooks, Web Browsers, Searching the Net, Researching on the Net
What's Changed? with Barnaby Bear

You're the Animator-Library of Congress
Students can drag and drop slides to create their own cartoon.
Write a Comic Strip

Art /Music/ Entertainment
Arts Edge

Fun School

Magic of Circles

Metropolitan Museum of Art for Kids
Choose "For Kids to Try Right Now" for art related lessons.
Mr. Picasso Head

PBS Kids

Portrait for Kids
Follow the clues in this interactive site to complete George Washington's portrait.
San Francisco Orchestra for Kids

Math Links
AAA MAth K-8th Grade

APlus Math

Brainpop- Math

Counting Games- PreK-2

Create a Graph- Kids Zone

Fraction Frenzy

Gamequarium Interactive Math Games

Harcourt ELab 3rd-6th Grade

Harcourt School Math Glossary

Illuminations Online Activites

Interactivate Activities

Math Magician Games

MathLibs- Grade 4

Money Games- Pre K-2nd Grade

Multiplication Table Challenge

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Probability Problems

Rain Forest Math

Stop the Clock

Teaching Treasures-Math

Videos- Math

Search and Reference Tools
Fact Monster

Homework Alabama

Internet Public Library

Library of Congress for Kids and Families

Merriam Webster Online Dictionary for Kids

Super Kids

World Almanac for Kids