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Welcome to Lauderdale County Federal Programs

Title I, Part A funds are provided by the federal government to seven of the Lauderdale County schools. Each Title I school receives an allocation based on the number of free and reduced lunches at each local school. Each school receives a per pupil allocation plus a portion of the 1% system allocation set aside for parental involvement. The system and schools use the funds for additional personnel, instructional specialists, instructional paraprofessionals, professional development, and instructional materials. These federal funds are in addition to required state and local funds provided to all schools in Lauderdale County.

Each Title I school develops a Continuous Improvement Plan to describe its program. The CIPs and the LEA Title I Plan are available for review by the public. Plans are located at each local school's office and at the Lauderdale County Central Office. Local CIPs can also be found at Procedures for Parent Complaint or Disagreement with the Continuous Improvement Plan and/or LEA Title I Plan: Parents should submit to their local school or to the Lauderdale County Central Office any complaints or concerns they may have regarding any component of the CIP and/or LEA Title I Plan. The comments will be forwarded to the CIP committee and/or the LEA Title I Advisory Committee. Upon receiving the complaint, the committee will review  the plan and decide if any adjustments need to be made.

A Title One school must be identified as a school-wide or targeted assistance school. In order to be served as a school-wide school, the free/reduced lunch percentage must be 40% or greater. To be served as a targeted assistance school, the free/reduced lunch percentage must be 35% or greater. For the 12-13 school year, Lauderdale County will serve six schools as school-wide programs:  Waterloo High School, Wilson High School, Anderson Elementary School, Central High School, Rogers High School, and Lauderdale County High School. 

AYP and School Improvement Status: Lauderdale County has a tradition of positive education experiences for all students. We are required by the US Department of Education to notify our parents of our schools' improvement status at least fourteen days before the first day of school for this 2012-13 school year. Adequate yearly progress (AYP), based upon last year's test scores, was evaluated for our public schools, including Title I schools. On August 6, 2012 there was a Release of 2012 Spring Assessment and Accountability Data giving parents information on AYP based upon last year's test scores for all schools in Alabama.

 Adequate yearly progress, based upon last year's test scores, was evaluated for 1365 public schools across our state, including 899 title I schools. Statewide, 248 schools will be identified for School Improvement.  Of those, 144 are Title I schools, compared to 137 last year. These schools must offer School Choice (if a higher performing school of choice is available) and/or Supplemental Education Services (SES).

These two schools will be offering school choice:

Central High School met 23 of 23 goals and AYP in special education reading, special education math, and graduation rate (88% of the required 90%) Central High School's status is School Improvement, Year 1 Delay.

Rogers High School met 18 of 19 goals. Even though scores improved in special education reading, they did not make AYP in graduation rate for students who receive free/reduced lunch. Rogers High School's status is School Improvement Year 1 Delay.

The following schools will offer school choice and SES.

Lauderdale County High School met 19 of 21 goals but did not make AYP in special education reading and special education math. Lauderdale County High School's status is School Improvement, Year 2.

Wilson High School met 17 of 19 goals but did not make AYP in special education reading and special education math. Wilson High School's status is School Improvement, Year 2.

According to the state accountability plan that is aligned with the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, Central, Lauderdale County, Rogers and Wilson High Schools have been identified for school improvement.

In light of this identification, each school will take the following steps to improve its status. The faculty and staff will work to strengthen classroom strategies related to raising student achievement and will introduce more activities to involve parents in the school improvement process. We encourage you to become involved in helping your child to be successful in school. Examples of how you may be more involved include asking about homework assignments, reading to your child every day, attending back to school nights to meet teachers and volunteering when possible.

This also serves as a notification to parents that all students at the school, because of School Improvement status are eligible to transfer to a school that is not identified for school improvement. In this district, eligible schools to which students may transfer and their academic achievement are listed below.

If your child attends Central, he/she may transfer to Underwood (K-6),  Waterloo, or Brooks High.

If your child attends Lauderdale County High, he/she may transfer to Brooks Elem (K-6), Lexington, Anderson (K-6) or Brooks High.

If your child attends Rogers, he/she may transfer to Brooks Elem (K-6), Brooks High, Anderson (K-6) or Lexington.

If your child attends Wilson, he/she may transfer to Underwood (K-6),  Waterloo, or Brooks High.

Each of the receiving schools made all AYP goals.

If you choose the transfer option, your child will be transported to the choice school free of charge as long as the former school is designated as a School Improvement school. If the district budget isn't enough to allow the district to transport every student whose parents request a transfer, federal law requires that the district give priority for transportation to the lowest achieving students from low income families. These students also have a priority to get the first choice of receiving schools. The district determines income based on eligibility for free or reduced price school lunches and student achievement based on the Alabama Reading and Mathematics Test. 

Click here for a copy of the School Choice Form. Please return your school choice request form by August 31, 2012.

For more information, please call 256-760-1300 or your local school.

It is the policy of the Lauderdale County Board of Education that no one will be excluded from participation, be denied benefits, or be discriminated against in any school program or activity based on sex, race, religion, belief, national origin, ethnic group, color, age, or disability.

Inquiries or concerns related to Title One, Part A may be directed to Mrs. Gina Baggett.