Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Technology in Lauderdale County Schools... Always Improving Student Learning
LCSS uses Dell and HP Chromebooks in grades 7-12.
LCSS uses Dell and HP Chromebooks in grades 7-12.


The Lauderdale County School System believes that the proper use of technology can enhance and strengthen the learning experience of our students.  Our teachers understand that technology is a tool that they have in their tool box, but it will never replace the special work of a dedicated, caring, and competent teacher.  In order for technology to truly help our teachers and students, we have a team of six knowledgeable professionals who work hard to keep all the technology systems integrated seamlessly, from ensuring the presence and strength of the wireless signal to helping create technology-rich lessons and student experiences.  In February 2014, LCSS launched its STEP initiative, putting Chromebooks into the hands of all 8th grade students.  In August of 2014, we added Chromebooks to the 8th and 9th grade classes, and at the beginning of the 2015-2016 school year, every student in grades 7 through 12 received a Chromebook.  Because we use a management program called Hapara, our teachers and staff can monitor all student online behavior, keeping everyone safely engaged in educational inquiry.  These devices have opened up a whole new world of learning, and we look forward to continuing to grow our educational technology program.  Join us in the Lauderdale County School System as we explore and navigate the rich and rewarding world of educational technology.  With the right set of tools, we believe there's nothing our teachers and students cannot achieve!