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Monday, March 30, 2015

Technology in Lauderdale County Schools... Always Improving Student Learning




The Lauderdale County School System recognizes the importance of ensuring students' understanding of digital citizenship.  We feel it is vital for children to practice caution and compassion when engaging in online activities. There are many resources to help parents discuss digital citizenship with their children.  




 Bullying Resources

1. Stop Bullying Now

2. Alabama Anti-Bullying Campaign

3. It's My Life by PBS

4. Dealing with Bullies

5. Cyberbullying

6. Netsmartz Workshop

7. Bullying Videos made by Wilson High School Students and published on ALEX:




 Websites: A variety of websites are provided for teachers and students: 




Care is taken to link to educationally sound material; however, Lauderdale County Schools is not responsible for content beyond its site.